About us

ETUG – The European Trados User Group

ETUG’s origins date back to the turn of the millennium and a proposal by SAP AG to initiate a corporate TRADOS user forum, with the first edition of ETUG being held in October 2002 in Heidelberg. In the subsequent years until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was held on an annual basis, on each occasion being hosted by a member institution. Past editions of ETUG were held in Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Maastricht, Berlin, Brussels, Vienna and Düsseldorf. During the pandemic two virtual editions of ETUG were held.

We were therefore particularly happy that ETUG was able to return to a presence-based format in 2023 in Vienna, at which event we also were able to celebrate ETUG having been formally established as an association under Austrian law in 2022. The Association’s statutes can be found here. In 2024, we have changed the online ETUG format to a series of ETUG Bitesize events, being held in June, September and November. In September 2025, we will once again meet in Vienna for our 2025 ETUG Conference.

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